Causes We Support


Sales of our 35 N. Coffee Co. brand coffees are designed to help people around the world. We do this in two ways. First, we purchase Fairtrade, organic coffee which helps the growers directly and their immediate growing communities. (These coffees are inherently more expensive because the purchase price has a guaranteed low and it is always priced higher than coffee market commodity prices to help ensure fair wages for the growers.) Second, we return a portion of every sale to select organizations and ministries.


10% of the purchase price of each 35 N. Coffee Co. product will go to your selected cause. How can you trust that this will happen? Because we recognize the God of mercy who provides salvation is also a perfectly just God who will make us give an account of every penny we collect for His glory! So, rest assured!


When you purchase any of our 35 N. Coffee Co. brand coffees, you will have the opportunity to select which specific cause you would like to impact. Regardless of which cause you select, we thank you for partnering with us to make a difference in this world through love, without which, we are nothing! (1 Corinthians 13:2)




Baby Safe (which refers to “the baby safe” drop boxes where infants are left) is located in Sun Valley, (near Cape Town) which is home to thousands of African refugees and South Africans struggling to survive in the midst of poverty, unemployment, a 40% HIV/AIDS infection rate, and the devastation of addiction, domestic abuse and broken families. We have discovered that one of the consequences of the poverty in South Africa is that new born babies are literally being thrown away.


Baby Safe was birthed out of the realization that next to nothing was being done to prevent this. They are available to intervene with abandoned infants found anywhere but we also have an anonymous baby drop called a baby safe. It is their desire is to help women who may find themselves in desperate circumstances if they are not comfortable coming forward to discuss their situation. But it is also their aim to prevent baby dumping by connecting with at risk pregnant women before they come to such a point. Baby Safe offers counseling-related services and resources for the expecting mother and brand new mom. Baby Safe is building a network of safes in areas of need throughout Cape Town and South Africa. Visit the Baby Safe website.


How does Baby Safe impact the surrounding townships?


They advocate at a government level for women and children and network with the local social service organizations, hospitals, clinics, and police on behalf of abandoned babies.


  • They have built a network of local foster families and we place abused and neglected babies for temporary safety.
  • Baby Safe is staffed full time by a qualified social worker, counselor and trained volunteers.
  • Baby Safe offers foster care recruitment & training to children’s homes as well as adoption preparation education.
  • Baby Safe offers workshops for new mothers on birth and infant care.
  • Baby Safe offers workshops for pregnant teens, focusing on options, pregnancy education and follow up.
  • Baby Safe staff also does home visits with new mothers to offer education and support as means of child abuse and neglect prevention.
  • Baby Safe provides False Bay hospital with “new baby packs”. These go to mothers who give birth but have absolutely nothing for the baby. This pack includes a Baby Safe published booklet on infant care and safety, a blanket, nappies, vest, grower, gender specific newborn outfit, baby lotion, wash cloth, soap and also a handwritten note of congratulations.



"Jericho" - East Asia

“Jericho” is our code name for a large city in East Asia that has been a focus of Belle Aire mission activities since 2005 in our quest to take the gospel to the “ends of the earth”.  In a country where less than 1% of the population claims Christ as savior, and the government restricts the worship of its citizens, Jericho has provided us with unique opportunities to see the Acts 1:8 strategy in action.  Teams as small as three or as large as a dozen have travelled to this metropolitan city of six million people, or its surrounding villages, to share the love of Christ.  Activities have included campus ministries, sports camp, English camp, orphanage services, village medical care, hospital outreach, home bible studies, prayer walking, and cultural exchange.  Through partnerships with local missionaries and native Christians, we are beginning to see a bountiful harvest of new believers and the planting of new house churches among those formerly lost to Buddhism, materialism, and various Eastern philosophies.

Prayer Requests

- Safety for those engaged in bold delivery of the gospel message in this “closed” country.
- Continued access to students and other seekers who are willing to engage mission teams.
- For the favorable view of Americans to continue despite political challenges.
- For the Holy Spirit to empower local believers in reaching their own neighborhoods.
- For their eyes to be opened to the reality of the “Most High God.”
- For the emptiness of western materialism to be evident in this rapidly developing country.
- For unity in the church, as registered and underground congregations coexist.
- To see individuals at Belle Aire gripped with desire to serve God in this place.